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PayGo easiest Cambodian Bank Account you can open the day you land on any visa.

PayGo is similar to those pre-paid Credit Cards you get back home in the UK and unfortunately it has one of the same draw backs many of them have, usage fees, not that you'd know this from visiting their website. Looking at PayGo's website you'd be lead to believe it's completly free, where as they take a 2% commision each time you shop online using your virtual Mastercard. What they do make clear is you don't get a physical card. So what are the benefits?

Bill Payment in Cambodia (Cashback approx. 1%, amount varies):
Phone: Top up your mobile phone or someone elses free– instead of buying a scratch card you can refill your balance using the PayGo app. Supports Cellcard, CooTel, Metfone, QB, QB INT, Seatel & Smart.

Internet & TV: Supports Digi, Ezecom, OneTV, Online Cambodia, SINET, Sing Meng & Telecom Cambodia.

Games: Supports FanNow, Sabay Coins & mJams,

Finance: Supports CooBill & GLF.

Education: You can also pay school fees from your mobile, sup…