PayGo easiest Cambodian Bank Account you can open the day you land on any visa.

PayGo is similar to those pre-paid Credit Cards you get back home in the UK and unfortunately it has one of the same draw backs many of them have, usage fees, not that you'd know this from visiting their website. Looking at PayGo's website you'd be lead to believe it's completly free, where as they take a 2% commision each time you shop online using your virtual Mastercard. What they do make clear is you don't get a physical card. So what are the benefits?

Bill Payment in Cambodia (Cashback approx. 1%, amount varies):

Phone: Top up your mobile phone or someone elses free– instead of buying a scratch card you can refill your balance using the PayGo app. Supports Cellcard, CooTel, Metfone, QB, QB INT, Seatel & Smart.

Internet & TV: Supports Digi, Ezecom, OneTV, Online Cambodia, SINET, Sing Meng & Telecom Cambodia.

Games: Supports FanNow, Sabay Coins & mJams,

Finance: Supports CooBill & GLF.

Education: You can also pay school fees from your mobile, supports API School, Footprints, NTC, Western & Zaman University.

Shopping: Currently only supports TheFashion.

Money Transfer: You can transfer you PayGo e-wallet balance to SmartLuy send money, Tesjor, Truemoney Send Money & eMoney Send Money. Note fees apply for these services, see below.

Tickets: Book Me Bus.

Virtual MasterCard: You can pay over the internet, anywhere mastercard is accepted. Such as eBay, Amazon, AppStore, GooglePlay etc. It's a free of charge add-on but you must have a minimum of $5 in your wallet before applying for the virtual prepaid card.

You can also send free transfers to other PayGo users.

The benefits seem limited but it gives you a degree of finacial inclusion you wouldn't ordinarly get upon first arrival.

How to get a PayGo account:

First you must have a Cambodian Mobile number to recieve the activation text message.

The following is how to get PayGo app installed on your iOS or Android powered device.

  • Go to AppStore or Play Store on your phone
  • Click Search
  • Search “paygo”. Choose “PayGo Wallet”.
  • Then click Install
  • Once installation is finished, you can start application by clicking on Open.

  • Please consider using my promocode* when asked: 129895.
  • Security protection is by PIN and protects against unauthorised use. You need to makeup a PIN and confirm it.
  • Add your phone number to your PayGo account. You need to link your phone number with the application. Start by keying-in your number in the format +855XXXXXXXX
  • Accept Terms and Conditions, and finallly by clicking the OK button.
  • A security code from PayGo service will be automatic generated and send to mobile number.
  • Once you receive security code in your sms, copy and past it into the textbox, if it doesn't automatically confirm as it did on my phone.
  • After code is confirmed the welcome page of PayGo will be show up.
  • Finally, you can access all the features available in the PayGo application.

How to top-up your PayGo account?

Now you're ready to go. The App is installed on your phone. But how can your top up your PayGo account? Come to this, why should you top up your PayGo account? If you haven't already I strongly advise you skip to the pros and cons at the end of this article as fees limit the value the PayGo app.

They have more than 200 kiosks available in Cambodia. The procedure is very simple, just find your nearest kiosk, the app will show but basically any ABA Bank Branch will have one. Using your PayGo ID, again your app will show you this, follow on screen instructions and feed USD into the machine.

Once the transaction is completed, do not forget to take your receipt. If anything goes wrong, you can use it to talk with PayGo customer service..

Can you withdraw cash from your PayGo account?

If you wish to withdraw your money from your PayGo balance, you have a few options, none of them very convenient. Each option would cost you some fees so choose the cheapest one for you at the time.


Fee is $1.50 for transactions from $5 (minimum) to $500 (maximum).

Amount (USD) Fee (USD)
$0-100  $0.62
$100-200  $0.88
$200-500  $1.38
$500-1000  $2.12

Amount (USD) Fee (USD)
$0-50  $0.75
$50-200  $1.00
$200-500  $1.25
$500-1000  $2.00


How to get PayGo Virtual Mastercard for free?

PayGo has this feature to enable you to make your purchase online using Mastercard. So you can enjoy buying something online on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Agoda, etc. Not only that, you can also use this virtual card to link to your Google Play, AppStore, PayPal, Payza and verify your address in Cambodia etc.
Bear in mind you need to read and understand the Term of Use for this card:

  • You need to have at least $5.00 in your PayGo e-wallet before applying for the virtual card.
  • When you link this virtual card to Google Play or AppStore, the verification fee is $1.00 and this fee will not be refund. (Other address verification websites I've tried also don't return the fee)
  • You can link with a PayPal account, the verification process of PayPal will withdraw a fee from your account. The fee will be refunded back to your PayPal wallet once the verification is completed.
  • Check your balance before making any purchase. You will be charged a $0.50 penalty in case you pay with the virtual card on something online while you do not have enough balance to settle transaction.
  • $0.10 will be charged as a fee, if you settle a payment online lower then $5.00. If it is more then $5.00, the fee will be at 2% of settlement amount.
  • If you pay for any currency beside USD, you will be charged $0.10 for transactions below $2.50. If it is more then $2.50 the currency conversion fee will be 4.99%.
  • You will be charged $3.00, if you try to re-issue a new Virtual card while your old one is not yet expired. It will be free if you re-issue when your card is expired or one month before expiration.
  • To apply for the card, you need to go to your PayGo app on your mobile then click on My Card.
Then you'll need to fill in your profile information:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • ID card or Passport number (You will need to upload a picture)
  • Country
  • Address
  • Email

Pros and Cons of PayGo!

  • They don't care what visa you have in your passport as long as you have an Cambodian mobile number you can setup an account.
  • They don't need proof of address.
  • Can get cashback when you make a payment. Usually 1%. For example top-up your phone balance.
  • Get free virtual Master Card that allows you to use most online shops around the world.
  • Pay bills online. It can help you to top up your phone, pay electricity bills, internet, television and tuition. Buy Sabay coins, Steam Game, League Of Legends, Diadlo, World of WarCraft, Dota 2, World of Tanks, Counter Stike: Global Offensive and more. You can transfer money to another PayGo Wallet user immediately and commission free, as well as convert your PayGo Wallet balance to cash. Buy Bus ticket via bookmebus.
  • The 2% charge for using the virtual Mastercard may be cheaper than using your home bank account. For example in the UK, TSB and Llyods Bank add a 2.99% conversion charge + £1.00 when paying online in a foreign currency.
  • Can't cash out from PayGo machines. Withdrawing funds from PayGo is not free of charge, a fee will be applied on each transaction when doing a cash transfer, which is a hassle.
  • Need to have internet connection to be able to use the service.
  • Virtual Mastercard has usage fees. 10 cents for transactions under $5, 2% if over. 
  • No physical card so card can't be used in shops, only online.
  • Prevously you could transfer (free of charge) from your PayGo balance to any ABA Bank account, currently this option isn't available.
  • Card is coded as Prepaid so cannot be linked to Curve or other services who refuse prepaid cards.

In summary

Most people will be able to wait until they have a 6 or 12 month visa and open a normal bank account. For those paying charges on a foreign bank card, really needing to verifiy a Cambodian address online or those expecting to use the free bill payment options this may seem like an attractive alternative.

*Please consider using my promo code if you install this app: 129895.

It doesn't change the benefits you recieve and in a small way it helps cover the running costs of and encourages future articles. Thank you. 

Promo codes do not influence the recommendations given on this site. Advise given may not be complete and is given without warrenty. Always carry out your own research or seek the advise of a qualified investment advisor before using finacial products.

Have you used PayGo? What benefits have you found, comment below.


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